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The Air Cadet Organisation (ACO) is a voluntary youth organisation supported by it's sponsor the Royal Air Force. The ACO is comprised of the Air Training Corps (ATC) which is open for anyone to join aged between 13 and 17 years and the Combined Cadet Force (RAF) which is school based.


The ACO is one of the country's premier youth organizations and the world's largest youth air training organisation. The cadets are supported by volunteer Staff and Civilian Committee Members. Further details concerning joining the Air Cadet Team can be found at http://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets


On the following pages (please see links at the top of each page), are a selection of the activities and training undertaken by the cadets and staff of the Central & East Region of the ACO. However, shown below are a selection of the latest news reports from around this Region.




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BGA Gliding Bursaries Available

Air Cadets who have completed an Air Cadet gliding scholarship, are invited to develop their gliding via Junior Gliding Centres, such as the Cambridge Gliding Centre. To help cadets fund this gliding through a scholarship and training scheme the BGA has developed a bursary scheme.


The Cambridge Gliding Centre is providing the first Junior Gliding Centre (JGC) within the Central and Eastern Region of the Air Cadet Organisation to enable this unique partnership to become reality. Details are available via this downloadable link:



    BGA / CGC Offer




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