First Band Practice of 2020

The Concert and Marching Band of the Central and East Region have held their first band practice of 2020 ahead of what promises to be a busy year. Forty seven talented young musicians assembled at […]

Bidding Farewell to the ARC

Members of Team Central & East Region have bid a fond farewell to their Assistant Regional Commandant (ARC), Wing Commander Nathan Wilkes RAFAC. The King of the Belgians, a hostelry with a long RAF Wyton […]

Future Pilots Aim for a Place

Around forty hopeful Air Cadets attended an Air Cadet Pilot Scholarship Briefing Day at RAF Cranwell in the hope of proving their worthiness for the granting of the keenly fought for scholarships. The air cadets […]

Musical Fundraising

On the 16th November, nine RAF Air Cadets from 73 (Huntingdon) Squadron attended a Concert in aid of the services charity SSAFA. The cadets were on duty selling programmes and were accompanied by a member of staff and two […]