Central & East Has Talent

The Central & East Region’s search for talent has got under way with four talented cadets from South and East Midlands Wing putting themselves in the spotlight. The Region’s Warrant Office, Warrant Officer Mike Webb, […]

Leading Cadet Notebooks

For cadets concerned about starting or completing their Leading Cadet training, help is at hand with the publication of the Leading Cadet Notebooks. The Notebooks have been developed by a small team of trainers and […]

Volunteering Glenfield Air Cadets on Forces TV

Cadet Sgt Sam Mason is interviewed for Forces TV News Two Glenfield Air Cadets appeared on Forces Television News being interviewed about their volunteering roles at a Leicester Community Hub. The two cadets, Cadet Sergeant […]

Searching the Region for Talent

Central and East Region are on the hunt for talented Cadets, Staff and Chaplains  who are prepared to compete against others from the Region. From the comfort of your own homes and through the medium […]

Reporting Virtual Activity

“Due to the current situation the majority of squadron activity is taking place within the virtual world thanks to the use of BADER utilising Microsoft Teams. It is important that the excellent work that is […]